About Our Program

The ReNEW Therapeutic Program (RTP) is a special education program for students with complex socioemotional and behavioral needs.  

RTP  integrates therapeutic and educational services so that students are given a renewed educational experience and leave equipped with skills to access the full range of educational opportunities and choices available to them.   

RTP staff members include teachers, paraprofessionals, and counselors who are committed to using therapeutic best practices with a primary goal of ensuring physical and emotional safety for students in our care. We take a team approach by consulting and coordinating with other stakeholders in the students’ lives including families, advocates, and outside mental health professionals. While in RTP, students’ educational needs are met through a differentiated approach which provides access to the general education curriculum while also addressing each student’s individualized educational program (IEP) goals.

Our Vision

ReNEW Therapeutic Program creates an educational environment where socio-emotional wellness and academic achievement are cultivated.

Our Mission

Our mission at ReNEW Therapeutic Program is to provide children with a fresh start in a school through therapeutic instructions, therapeutic spaces, and therapeutic experiences.   

Our Core Values

  • RESILIENCE: We are powerful because we overcome challenges and use them to become champions.

  • GROWTH: We are optimistic and believe in possibilities. We are reflective and actively seek opportunities  to become better versions of ourselves.                          

  • WELLNESS: We prioritize physical and psychological  self-care, positive relationships, and compassion because they are critical to a balanced life and success.